Best Vacuum For Long Hair

If you are looking for the best vacuum for long hair then you are at the right place. Are you the owner of a salon or have a pet that sheds a lot of hair? Whatever the case, nobody likes to live in a pile of hair. This is exactly why you should get the best vacuum cleaner for long hair that will make your environment more hygienic and livable.

What you should consider before Purchasing:

Different Type of vacuum cleaners:

  • A handheld vacuum is best for cleaning areas that a regular vacuum can’t reach, such as the inside of a car or hair in nooks and crannies. It is not suitable for everyday floor cleaning.
  • Upright vacuum cleaners promise a long life due to their design. They are sturdy and can be used on hard floors as well as carpets without any problems.
  • Stick vacuums can also get into small areas and work wonders on light carpets and rugs. It has a slim frame with a stick-like shape and can be easily stored away.
  • Robot vacuum cleaners are worth the money. In fact, They manage to clean the area by themselves. They also save time and pick up dirt without making a mess. Moreover, They easily clean areas like under sofas or carpets.

Dirt capacity:

  • The area for dust collection should be large, as long hair takes up a lot of space. This way, you can collect more dirt in less time.


  • A vacuum cleaner for long hair should preferably be cordless as they are straight and upright.
  • They are lightweight and very handy, as a cord is only a limiting factor. They are small and easy to store. These vacuum cleaners have a lot of additional accessories that make for a better experience without a cord.
  • However, they have limited battery life.

Washable filters:

  • The best vacuum cleaner for hair should have a washable filter, as it allows for easier cleaning.

Brush rollers with clean technology:

  • Electronic brush rollers tend to have a longer life and better cleaning performance.
  • A conventional brush tends to get tangled in itself and has a short lifespan.


  • The best vacuum cleaner for human hair should have a long operating time of almost 40 minutes after each charge because a shorter battery life will cause interruptions during work.
  • The dust bin should be large enough to hold most of the debris at once. This will effectively shorten the cleaning time.

Suction power:

  • A stronger suction force ensures that hair in corners and angles comes out easily. This does not work on padded surfaces and works best on hard floors.

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Five best vacuum cleaners for long hair

If you search for the best vacuum cleaner for the hair salon, you should choose this device. The motor is digital and high-performance, providing 120 watts of suction power. This is more than any other cordless vacuum cleaner for long hair. 

Not only is the motor power, but it is also quiet and makes as little noise as possible. With one set of lithium batteries, you can vacuum for a total of 40 minutes. The three available modes are very different and allow for easy cleaning. The first two modes are for everyday cleaning, while the third is specifically for stubborn substances.

The performance of this best handheld vacuum for long hair is increased by 80% with the multi-task power brush with LED headlights. The headlights guide in the dark. In addition, the filter system is completely sealed and has four different stages. 

The first stage is a cyclone system to separate large particles, the second is a mesh filter for hair and dust, the third is a pre-filter to block fine dust, and the fourth is a HEPA filter that can remove 0.3 microns of dust and provide fresh air.

A self-evident reason it is the best vacuum cleaner for hair on hardwood floors is that it can easily transform into a lightweight handheld vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t require complicated dust removal, just a push of a button. Thanks to the wall mount and charging station, it is easy to store.


Available in moonstone color

It has a 4-stage sealed HEPA filter

Battery operated

The voltage of 21.6 volts DC


120 watts of powerful suction

It has three power modes

 run time of it is 40 minutes

Wall mount available

Large 0.6-liter container

10Expert Score

I cannot say enough good things about this vacuum, if you’re on the fence about purchasing, I would strongly recommend that you give it a shot.

  • Easy disposal of the waste
  • Easy to use
  • It can convert into a handheld vacuum cleaner to get into small corners
  • Large capacity
  • The charging process through the batteries is a bit outdated.

This brand offers us the best affordable vacuum cleaner for long hair that every salon should have. The brush roll is transparent and gives us a clear view of everything underneath or inside the vacuum cleaner itself. The height can adjust in five different sizes, which means you can get the job done on multiple machines with this best vacuum cleaner for hair and suction.

It has a very strong suction power with a built-in high-performance motor that works wonders. It requires no additional maintenance; the dust bin is emptied with a single push of a button. The vacuum cleaner equips with a special turbo brush that sucks up hair even from stairs, bedding, or blankets, making it the perfect vacuum cleaner for long hair. The release handle makes it easy to switch from floor to attic cleaning.

The deluxe stretch hose included with this hair vacuum cleans places difficult to reach with a regular vacuum, such as ceilings and between light fixtures. The filter is washable and is easily cleaned with cold water. The LED lighting and transparent brush roll allow a better view of the object to be cleaned.


Available in orange and black

Power source from wired power

It comes with LED headlights

Has an XL trash holder

It weighs only 10 pounds

Has a quick release handle

Accompanied by a pet turbo brush

10Expert Score

This vacuum cleaner is just perfect as it can get for this price range.

  • Requires no additional maintenance
  • Affordable
  • High durability
  • Comes with various auxiliary tools
  • It is a little cumbersome to maneuver.

JASHEN promises us the best vacuum cleaner for long haired dogs with exceptional features. Its suction capacity is awe-inspiring with a 350 watt brushless digital motor that also sucks up hair embedded in the fabric and stains effortlessly. The suction power comes with 3 different modes: MINI mode MAX mode and MID mode. The two first modes are designed for cleaning daily, while The third one is designed for thorough cleaning. This best cheap hair vacuum has a detachable battery that allows for quick cleaning of up to 40 minutes.

The LED’s smart display displays diverse functions, including the remaining time of operation and the power mode you have selected and the warning about cleaning your filter. It is easy to change between two brush modes and pick the one you prefer either soft or hard. The mini motorized vacuum head works wonders on upholstered furniture. It is the best cordless vacuum cleaner for long hair, because its soft brush can remove large debris and dirt in detail, and the extra soft bristles prevent scratches

. In addition, this hair vacuum cleaner can be charged in three different ways, and the wall mount makes it easy to store. The high-efficiency filtration system has 4 filter levels that capture 99.99% of dust, even the dust you can’t see. The LED lamp head is equipped with light sensors, so it changes modes depending on the light.


Available in purple color

Has a battery operated source

Features an intelligent cleaning alarm

High efficiency filtration system

Requires a 7 cell lithium ion battery

Equipped with an LED screen

Interchangeable cleaning head

Ability to switch between two modes

Accompanied by a motorized mini head

10Expert Score

wall hung charging station, works well, room to charge a spare battery also if you have one. Easy to grab and go

  • light weight, therefore easy to handle
  • Has 3 suction levels
  • battery level indicator on the LED screen
  • easy maintenance
  • Low capacity for dust and debris.

COREDY is a robotic vacuum that can clean long human hair equipped with a boost intelligence technology that allows it to determine whether there is carpet. The suction power is increased instantly and the head of the cleaner together with the two large wheels are elevated. It is able to remove only a limited space by forming a strong barrier by utilizing an electromagnetic boundary

Furthermore the mopping system can determine the dryness or humidity on the floor and clean according to the conditions. The electronic controlled water pump enhances the cleaning experience. It’s the most affordable vacuum for long hair , with three cleaning options: edge mode, spot mode, and auto mode. Its triple-filter system efficiently eliminates the tiniest bit of dust, allergens hair and particles.

The battery can be fully charged for as long as 120 minutes per charge, which makes it the ideal robot vacuum to remove long human hair. Additionally, it’s capable of working with Alexa, Google assistant, and wifi, making it simple to purchase it. It comes with two brushes on the sides, one on left and one of right. There is also a troubleshooting manual by pressing the button for ease of use.


  • Black color is available.
  • Controlled via the remote, app or Voice
  • Requires lithium Ion batteries
  • Includes time scheduling feature.
  • Is there a robot that you can find? choice
  • It comes with troubleshooting alarms.
  • It is possible to limit access to a specific region
  • Technology has boosted intellect
10Expert Score

Well after a few months of running it every single day, I have a lab retriever in the house so lots of shedding, it started to act up.

  • Very quiet
  • is easy to set up edge brushes that are easy to install
  • It is possible to connect to Amazon’s application.
  • Separate access to HEPA filters
  • Easy maintenance
  • The dust bin is a tiny bit

One of the major reasons this is the ideal upright vacuum for hair that is long is the fact that it comes with a suction power of 145 watts that can take even the smallest particles. The running time has been increased by between 100 and 100 minutes. This hair vacuum detects dirt and adjusts the suction force according to the amount of dirt. A long battery life assures the ability to keep your hair clean without interruptions. This application is able to track your cleaning record, as well as for assistance in maintenance, troubleshooting and so on.

The switching between the two modes of auto and manual, is simple using the touchscreen embedded. The self-cleaning pre filter powered tool automatically cleans the filter for longer endurance performance. The promise of easy charging is made by the dual charging feature , and storage gas is made easier by wall mounting. The LCD is precise and ensures that the cleaning efficiency is within control.

It shows the level of battery and auto mode, the dust monitoring loop and wifi. It also shows the malfunctioning dust sensor and air channel blockage. The best cleaner for hair with long lengths as well as pets, this quickly can be converted into a hand-vacuum to reach areas where a corded vacuum might not be able. The two-in-one dusting brush is designed to deliver the best performance.


  • Available in matt black color
  • Source of power from batteries
  • Does it have smart sensor technology?
  • With a motor that is 500 watts.
  • Cordless
  • A single LED LED
  • It is compatible with the application it comes with.
  • Has a working time of 100 minutes. time
10Expert Score

The good: Lots of good accessories. Love the dust filter cleaner, in particular. Suction on full power is pretty great. Comes with two batteries.

  • It is accompanied by many excellent accessories
  • The suction power is admirable.
  • It has a long duration of duration of running time
  • LED displays are extremely helpful
  • A bit expensive


In conclusion, we’ve listed a selection of the best vacuums to clean pet hair as well as long hair that can do wonders for your salon’s cleaning. In addition, a comprehensive buyer’s manual will aid you in deciding what you’re looking for in the vacuum you choose for long hair. Find the ideal vacuum for human hair today!


What is the most effective robot cleaner for hair with long locks?

 COREDY has proven to be the ideal vacuum for hair that is long and pet hair.

Which one lasts longest?

The robotic and upright vacuums last longer because of their sturdy design. A brand can also have an impact on how the vacuum designed for long hair will perform. EURKA does wonders for longevity.

How do you extract long hair from the vacuum?

It’s very simple since you just have to clean your dustbin that is provided by the vacuum.

Which vacuum has the most suction?

TECON has a strong suction force and is a must-buy.

Is this special top vacuum available?

The best vacuum cleaner for salons.

Is it okay in order to remove hair from the vacuum?

It’s fine in vacuuming hair.

What should I consider when choosing the best vacuum?

Check out our buyers guide for buyers. You are able to easily select the right vacuum for your needs.

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