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Are you looking for the best washable air filter? If your answer is positive then you are at the right place. The reusable and washable air filters are exceptionally well known among homegrown clients these days. Washable heater filters can be cleaned or washed to gather up the soil and different toxins that have been stuck on them. After washing, you might forget about it for an hour to dry.


Typically, the air filters of your HVAC are replaceable each one to 90 days. Ahead of time, please give it a fast read for the best washable HVAC filters. 


Above all else, before purchasing any filter, you need to check the rules given by your HVAC producer. They notice the sort of filter that is generally appropriate and fit for your AC framework. You should utilize the filter that the maker unequivocally prescribes and, as indicated by the size of the opening, to get the greatest effectiveness from your HVAC framework. 


MERV; Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value estimates how successful an air filter is at catching air particles. The viability estimate in microns. They utilize a scale from 1 to 20. The lower number of MERV implies less adequacy and less effective air filters, while a higher MERV rating implies the filter is competent to catch minuscule particles. 

A MERV rating of 1 – 4 can get about 60% of immense air particles. On the other hand, a MERV rating between 5 – 8 shows its adequacy to get 80% of gigantic similarly as minimal airborne particles. This is the most proposed MERV rating for the houses.

filter SIZE 

Size is undeniably significant. You’ll not have the option to embed the air filter into the space if the size doesn’t match the genuine estimation. 

To know the size of your heater/air filter, find the filter space and measure its length, width, and profundity. You can quantify this with a standard estimating tape. For instance, a washable climate control system filter that actions 20″ x 18″ x 1.5″ implies that it is 20″ long, 18″ wide, and 1.5″ profound. 

A large portion of the reusable heater filters come in sizes with adjusted figures imprinted on the bundle. Your real size should be close to the apparent size of the imprinted on the pack. for more products reviews please check the given below link :

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This Trophy HVAC best washable heater filter is made for Furnaces and ACs. It is made by an American Company called Trophy Air. The air filter improves your HVAC adequacy and gives your home the required ventilation productivity. 


  • This exceptional electrostatic heater filter comprises a quad-layer aluminum outline and has double electrostatic media for better dependability. 
  • It is made of cross-section wire, and its size is 20 x 25 x 1 inch. 
  • Its MERV rating is 13 and viable with a large portion of the HVAC frameworks. 
  • This reusable creased air filter is additionally skilled to catch more modest particles. 
9Expert Score

Dust has been dramatically reduced

  • The air filter is quiet in any event when it becomes filthy because of the blockage of allergens.
  • The air filter has speedy and simple establishment and support.
  • Because of its aluminum outline, the air filter is solid and keeps going long.
  • The air filter may not catch the solid pet dander.
  • The casing of the filter needs a few screws to fix it into the opening.

K&N has been the pioneer in assembling filters for the car business for a considerable length of time. The K&N washable HVAC air filter is intended to give exceptional filtration. It has a white hard casing with a beige shading filtration divider. 


  • This air filter is worked to endures forever with solid electrified steel backing and a strong edge for strength. 
  • The manufactured Polymer material is utilized in this air filter. 
  • Its MERV rating is 11. 
  • The filter is able to catch dust smoke, dust shape, pet dander, exhaust cloud, and the sky is the limit from there. 
  • HVAC Furnace air filter size is 24.38 x 24.06 x 1.18 inches. Be that as it may, accessible in different sizes and measurements. 
  • The super durable air filter is not difficult to introduce, clean, wash, and keep up with. No unique devices are needed for its establishment and support.
9.5Expert Score

Perfect, no hassle fit and no more whistling sound

  • The air filter is energy effective and requires less energy when contrasted with dispensable filters.
  • The maker gives a lifetime guarantee, yet it shifts from one State to another in the USA.
  • Because of this solid thickness and washing accommodation, the filter holds for a more drawn-out time frame.
  • Since the filter is made of an engineered polymer, some soil adheres to the filter, which is tedious to clean.
  • Wind current isn’t pretty much as high as being promoted.

The organization WEB Products Inc. began in 1989 to fabricate a few sorts of air filters for the HVAC framework. Their quality is superb and can be the ideal decision for your home. This washable forced air system filter is a high-productivity filter and savvy. 


  • The filter is made with triple stage filtration assurance, which is practical. 
  • The principal layer is made of nylon network material, while the other two layers are polyester. 
  • Stage 1 catches bigger particles like residue, dust and dander measured particles, the second layer more modest while the third layer draws in the leftover particles. 
  • The real size of this reusable air filter is 30.6 x 25 x 4.8 (LxWxH) inches. 
  • The air filter gives a MERV 8 effectiveness
9.5Expert Score

Absolutely fantastic for portable air conditioners

  • Its triple-stage insurance is exceptionally cost-saving, as it is identical to 120 dispensable filters.
  • The filter completely skills to catch dust, residue, and pet dander size particles.
  • This super durable filter is sturdy and goes on for quite a while.
  • Because of its 3-stage filtration, it has more wind streams inside.
  • Once in a while, the filters are hard to gather.

This is another of the best washable electrostatic heater filters that are made in the USA. The Nordic Pure Company has been fabricating these air filters since 1960. The electrostatic charge innovation utilizes in this heater air filter. 


  • Within material of this washable climate control system filter made with cotton. 
  • Its casing has hypoallergenic and antimicrobial creased electrostatic filter material. 
  • Accessible in various sizes, yet this specific model is effectively customizable in the space having size 25″ x 16″ x 1″. 
  • Its MERV rating is 10, meaning it’ll gather over 85% of foreign substances up to 3 microns
9Expert Score

So far so good with these filters.

  • The air filter has multi-facets of carbon.
  • The sizes are careful and more exact than that of HVAC openings.
  • The reusable air filter gives uncompromising air scent battling power, including heat, cooking, clothing, and pets’ smell.
  • The filters are excessively thick and fine because of cotton material, which can deter the wind stream.

This brand is notable for its posh 3M innovation. This 3-in-I innovation configuration traps air particles and filtrates allergen, microscopic organisms, and infection air filters to catch undesirable airborne particles to give a fresher home climate. 


  • This air filter is reusable made of fiberglass material. 
  • The specific components of this long-lasting air filter are 23.81″x15.81″x0.78″. after adjusting. The filter can undoubtedly change in a 24″x16″1″ filter opening. 
  • The air filter is non-electrostatic and can undoubtedly clean with water. 
  • Its MERV rating is 12 and viable with a large portion of the HVAC frameworks. 
  • It catches 54% of little particles like microbes that convey infections. 
9Expert Score

Exactly as advertised and what you would purchase in store

  • The air filter confirms as asthma and hypersensitivity cordial.
  • The washable air filter is likewise successful against residue, dust, or builds up, and so forth.
  • The filter is not difficult to introduce and keep up with absent a lot of issues.
  • It could be somewhat costly.
  • The filter can cause too high strain on the electrical machines.


These washable and reusable air filters are more productive and powerful when contrasted with expendable air filters. Such air filters not just set aside your cash over the long haul yet additionally your time. In any case, shockingly, many individuals simply introduce and neglect to supplant the air filters on customary premises. Something else, the filter might hinder, and you’ll not have the option to get the most extreme productivity from your HVAC framework. 


A washable air filter goes on for quite a long time and, in every case better compared to expendable filters. A washable air filter is somewhat costly, yet you can profit from cost savings over the long haul. By all accounts, the dispensable filter is more helpful, and it is not difficult to discard in the wake of utilizing them. 

In any case, now and again, expendable filters don’t as expect fit or change. A washable filter tackles this issue in a split second. Since you, as of now, have the right size, the filter will consistently fit in the opening. 


Before purchasing washable HVAC filters, it is important to comprehend the contrast between ordinary and genuine air filters. Ostensible size is the marked size that imprints on the bundle. This is the adjusted figure size of the air filter. 

While the real size is the genuine size of your air filter and may incorporate a part number inside the measurements. The real size might contrast with the apparent size. The real size will consistently be not exactly the apparent size, and thusly, it’ll fit in your filter opening of the HVAC framework without any problem. 


Is a washable air filter any great? 

Indeed, obviously. It can be possible that you purchase a washable air filter having a MERV rating over 10. These are viable. The reusable air filters are productive and financially savvy. 

How many would it be advisable for you to clean a reusable air filter? 

The guideline is to supplant the reusable air filter following three months and wash, dry, and once again introduce it to some extent one time each month. The washable HVAV filters are eco-accommodating, and if routinely cleaned and kept up with, they last from 7 to 10 years. 

Do electronic air filters work? 

Indeed, electrostatic air filters function admirably because their electrostatic trademark gives sufficient charge to draw in and kill microorganisms, microbes, dust particles, pet dander, and different allergens. 

Which air filter is awesome? 

Prize Pleated Electrostatic Air Filter is our top pick. The air filter is not difficult to clean and keep up with. This superior-grade heater filter made with a quad-layer aluminum outline. And has double electrostatic media for better unwavering quality. Within material made with cross-section wire. 

Would you be able to clean and reuse the air filter? 

The washable air filter can reuse after appropriate cleaning and washing. However, dispensable air filters can’t reuse. They can’t wash because wetting a dispensable filter makes it incapable and wasteful. 

How long do reusable air filters last? 

Washable heater filters last from 7 to 10 years, cleaned, washed, and kept on standard premise. Interestingly, expendable filters need substitution after 30 to 90 days relying upon the quality and MERV rating. Ordinarily, a top-of-the-line quality air filter is identical to around 80 to 100 expendable filters. 

Are washable heater air filters costly? 

Washable air filters are very little costly. You can avail of them at a sensible cost of $40 to $100 contingent upon quality, the brand, size, and the number of air filters in a pack. 

What is a micron? 

Air particles inside estimate in microns. A micron is 1/1000 of an mm. a human hair is around 70 microns wide. please visit our facebook page.



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