Sam Jeebun

If you don’t know who Sam Jeebun is, he is the director of the famous Aster Health Care. Aster HealthCare is one of the most peaceful and safe havens for your loved ones who need some extra care to have a better quality of life. If you yourself are wondering what we offer in order to make sure you can be as comfortable here as you can get, contact us today.

We offer regular checkups and diet plans that help with your condition and make sure you aren’t just dependent on medicine to feel better. This drive and passion behind making this care home feel like an actual home for you come from our one and only visionary, Sam JeebunSam Jeebun is the owner and founder of Aster HealthCare and to this day, whatever Sam Jeebun does publicly, represents Aster and all of Aster Health care’s practices represent Sam Jeebun’s moralities.

He has worked hard since day one to make this place better and better slowly. Just like every other business owner, he started from the bottom. He built this whole empire through hard work, perseverance, and a never-give-up attitude. The Aster Healthcare caregivers are handpicked by his direct subordinates to make sure nothing can be a hurdle in the way of him providing people with a home-like environment,

Mr. Sam Jeebun believes that his worth as a competent businessman is as high as the lowest satisfaction level of any patient in one of his care homes. He is trusted by the whole Aster Healthcare family to always make the right decision that is in favor of the patients he takes care of.



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